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  • Process Plant Engineering Design
    Process Plant Engineering Design
    Professional Services District 9 (Central) 11/12/2023
    As one of the most established chemical plant design firms, our engineering consultants provide professional services in plant engineering design, chemical process engineering, plant hazard mitigation and hydrogen system design. We differentiate ours...
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Professional Services District 9 (Central) 11/12/2023
    Our simulation consultants use ANSYS Fluent which is the most-powerful CFD simulation software tool available, empowering our clients to go further and faster as we optimise their system's performance. Fluent includes well-validated physical modellin...
  • Exxposures-Singapore Photography Services
    Exxposures-Singapore Photography Services
    Professional Services (Central) 14/03/2018
    Exxposures ( is a Singapore photography boutique that offers professional photographers and photography services to commercial & advertising firms, corporate companies as well as private clients, both locally and worldwide. Our...
  • StandOut
    Professional Services Singapore (Central) 02/05/2017
    StandOut is a consortium of Marketing Strategists & Consultants, coming from all over the world, empowering growth for small businesses and start-ups.
  • Couples counselling services Singapore
    Couples counselling services Singapore
    Professional Services Singapore (Central) 01/05/2017
    Relationship coaching is a groundbreaking approach that creates the ability to move forward in achieving a better life satisfaction.Our expertise is relationship coaching with an accredited proficiency in marriage counselling. This means that we comb...
  • Singapore Noise Nuisance Specialist
    Singapore Noise Nuisance Specialist
    Professional Services Singapore (Central) 10/12/2015
    URL: Dropnoise is a pioneer supplier of products and services for tackling noise nuisance in neighbourhoods. Based in Singapore, we perform noise nuisance recordings for clients and supply a compact and effecti...
  • Imp Studio
    Imp Studio
    Professional Services Singapore (Central) 27/03/2015
    Award-winning creative studio specialise in Branding & Marketing, Publication, Brochure, Advertisement, Event collateral, photography and other design projects. Contact: [email protected]
  • Jimmy Lea P/L
    Jimmy Lea P/L
    Professional Services District 9 (Central) 25/03/2015
    We are engineering & simulation consultants, founded in Sydney Australia, with offices in Sydney and Singapore. Currently, our conventional and simulation engineers service clients based in Sydney, Singapore, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Our en...
  • Enrichment Programmes Provider: The Mapping Academy
    Enrichment Programmes Provider: The Mapping Academy
    Professional Services (Central) 18/03/2015
    Our Vision: The Mapping Academy aims to be the leader of character and value-based development of our next generation, igniting the spirit of continuous learning in children and youths to realise their full potential. Our Mission: The Mapping Academy...
  • Pre-School Enrichment Provider: The Mapping Pte. Ltd.
    Pre-School Enrichment Provider: The Mapping Pte. Ltd.
    Professional Services (Central) 18/03/2015
    Working with children aged 3 to 6 years old since 1999, we empower the young learners during their landmark years by equipping them with skills to chart their own journey of discovery. We create and run fun, interactive and developmental programmes, ...
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