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  • Gmart
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 17/05/2018
    At Gmart, we want to offer our customers the finest products at the most affordable prices, while ensuring that we are customer-oriented. This means we aim to operate at your convenience, transforming your daily chore of having to get your household ...
  • Continental Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd
    Continental Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 20/11/2017
    Continental Delight serves buffet and catered meals. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Continental Delight has the capabilities to handle events of any scale. They offer services such as halal food catering, bento box, and weddin...
  • Sea Farmers @ Ubin
    Sea Farmers @ Ubin
    Catering 21/10/2017
    "Sea Farmers @ Ubin is a live seafood supplier. Our farm specializes in growing premium Pacific oysters. We deliver to restaurants, hotels and provide home delivery to consumers. Oysters are as good as that they are fresh. With our farm in Singapore,...
  • Makan Mate
    Makan Mate
    Catering Jurong (Singapore) 26/07/2017
    MakanMate has grown to cater to industrial workers as well as catering functions for the cost and health conscious. Top if off, we have been serving a growing clientele in the Western part of Singapore.
  • Mixes From Mars
    Mixes From Mars
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 24/07/2017
    Mixes from Mars is a mobile bar company. With vast experience in the bar and events industry, we seek to complement your events with our cocktails. We have packages that ranges from bespoke, customized theme cocktails, workshop, molecular mixology an...
  • Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd
    Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd
    Catering 09/06/2017
    At Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd (TSK), we have established ourselves in the industry as a trusted noodle product manufacturer and distributor. We strive to share the wonders of good flavours through constant innovation and creativity in our products an...
  • WHYQ Food Delivery Singapore
    WHYQ Food Delivery Singapore
    Catering 08/11/2016
    WhyQ's mission is to bring famous hawker centres and favourite food courts into offices, gyms and homes, so busy folks can enjoy the unique tastes Singapore has to offer, conveniently, affordably and quickly.We provide users with a one-stop shop for ...
  • City Gourmet Pte Ltd
    City Gourmet Pte Ltd
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 25/10/2016
    CITY GOURMET, as the offshoot of one of Singapore’s best caterers, has now inherited its sister company’s vision to provide the most reputable family food service. 6282 9119
  • Confinement Food Catering
    Confinement Food Catering
    Catering (West) 25/09/2016
    We offer a wide variety of confinement food Singapore at a reasonable price with free delivery.
  • Part Store|Party Supplies Singapore|BabyKidParty
    Part Store|Party Supplies Singapore|BabyKidParty
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 16/03/2016
    Baby Kid Party offers a unique line of party supplies, costumes, and balloons. Party supplies include themed party packs, banners, loot bags, candles, hats, masks, cakes, chocolates and others. If you are planning to host a party, whether it is a Bir...
  • Gustos Pte Ltd
    Gustos Pte Ltd
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 03/03/2016
    Our professional team of inspired Chefs specializes in culinary and fusion cuisine to suit every mood and theme.
  • Four Seasons Catering Pte Ltd
    Four Seasons Catering Pte Ltd
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 03/03/2016
    With these rigorous best practices in place, we seek to deliver experiences with a touch of the seasons, combine with great tasting food that our customers have come to love.