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  • CATivating Cake and Cupcake
    CATivating Cake and Cupcake
    Restaurant & Eateries Singapore (Singapore) 06/10/2017
    CATivating Cake & Cupcake’s business motto is to hand-make a special someone a special cake for a special occasion at a budget-friendly price! Our specialty cake is Children’s birthday cake. We use only good quality baking ingredients and maintai...
  • Swiss Butchery
    Swiss Butchery
    Restaurant & Eateries Bukit Timah 28/09/2017
    Since opening as one of Singapore’s pioneering premium butchers in 1994, Swiss Butchery has become known not only for the freshness and variety of gourmet delicacies we bring in from around the world, but also for the thoughtful, heartfelt advice of ...
  • The Aryaa
    The Aryaa
    Restaurant Singapore (Singapore) 20/09/2017
    Embark on a culinary journey into history with us to explore Alexander’s expedition across the Mediterranean, all the way into the Indian subcontinent, where he came face to face with the Aryans in 327 BC.Named after this point in history, “Aryaa” me...
  • J-Dee's Gourmet - Fish Head Steamboat Singapore
    J-Dee's Gourmet - Fish Head Steamboat Singapore
    Restaurant Singapore (Singapore) 13/09/2017
    J-Dee's Gourmet focuses on providing delicious Singapore-style Chinese food that is reminiscent of great home-cooked meals. We always strive towards creating and curating new & healthy dishes that cater to our customers’ needs and discerning tast...
  • Makan Mate
    Makan Mate
    Catering Jurong (Singapore) 26/07/2017
    MakanMate has grown to cater to industrial workers as well as catering functions for the cost and health conscious. Top if off, we have been serving a growing clientele in the Western part of Singapore.
  • Mixes From Mars
    Mixes From Mars
    Catering Singapore (Singapore) 24/07/2017
    Mixes from Mars is a mobile bar company. With vast experience in the bar and events industry, we seek to complement your events with our cocktails. We have packages that ranges from bespoke, customized theme cocktails, workshop, molecular mixology an...
  • Pepenero Singapore
    Pepenero Singapore
    Restaurant & Eateries 24/07/2017
    Pepenero offers a dining experience that pampers and excites all senses, and is coupled with an intimate but vibrant atmosphere, gracious hospitality and a delectable menu. The relaxing and mellow ambience of its al fresco dining area offers the perf...
  • Burlamacco Ristorante
    Burlamacco Ristorante
    Restaurant 04/07/2017
    The Burlamacco is a carnival mask featuring the characteristic essence of famous town of Viareggio in Tuscany where one of the most famous Italian Carnival takes place. Created by Uberto Bonetti in 1930, the restaurant is one of the best Italian rest...
  • Websites, Editorial, Visual Communications
    Websites, Editorial, Visual Communications
    Restaurant & Eateries Singapore (Singapore) 03/07/2017
    We help entrepreneurs and marketing leaders of small businesses tell dynamic stories and communicate complex ideas through the powerful trilogy of visual content – infographics, cartoons and presentation slides. We are based in Singapore but work wit...
  • Taste Singapore
    Taste Singapore
    Restaurant & Eateries Holland (Singapore) 27/06/2017
    At Taste, you will enter a world of epicurean delight with the best gourmet supermarket in Singapore. It is an experience that goes far beyond tasty eating – it is a lifestyle.
  • Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd
    Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd
    Catering 09/06/2017
    At Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd (TSK), we have established ourselves in the industry as a trusted noodle product manufacturer and distributor. We strive to share the wonders of good flavours through constant innovation and creativity in our products an...
  • Qtech Cafe
    Qtech Cafe
    Restaurant Singapore 19/05/2017
    Best Western, North Indian and local Delights Restaurant with best home cooked foods in Singapore.