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The premier site for entrepreneurs, local business owners and SMEs to showcase their products and services, and for foreign business owners to find the partners and contacts they want in Singapore

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About Us
Singapore-SME.com is a private initiative. The site has now become a magnet site for foreign business owners and parties interested to do business in Singapore to visit. The certified ranking has been improving and the site is now one of the top sites for business related topics (as certified by Alexa.com).

Singapore-SME.com was set up in November 1998 to support the vision of Singapore-Business.com (August 1997) - "a website for every business in Singapore" and her objectives, namely to encourage all companies in Singapore to use the Internet and their website to promote their products and services.

This on-going process is gaining momentum as we move into the 21st Century. To achieve our vision, strategic alliances and supporters must be garnered and worked in tandem, with "cooperation" being the operative word.

  Definition of SME

Local SMEs are generally defined as having:

At least 30% local equity
Fixed productive assets (defined as net book value of factory building, machinery and equipment) not exceeding $15 million
Employment size not exceeding 200 workers for non-manufacturing companies
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